HiBy FC6 USB Headphone R2R DAC/AMP Dongle with Darwin Architecture

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HiBy Music has released their latest dongle Hiby FC6 USB Headphone R2R DAC/AMP. Equipped with professional-grade hardware and software, including the R2R DAC, DARWIN architecture, NOS/OS mode, and FIR filter, the FC6 offers high-quality audio up to PCM768kHz/32Bit and DSD512, with MQA 8X unfolding. Plus, its color display screen and physical volume keys make operation easy.

Color: Black

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HiBy Brand New FC6 USB Headphone R2R DAC/AMP Dongle

HiBy Darwin Audio Architecture:

The HiBy FC6 is a revolutionary portable headphone DAC/amp that boasts a DAP-class complete audio architecture onboard, delivering an unparalleled audio experience. Incorporating the acclaimed Darwin architecture, which has earned endless accolades in the high-end DAP arena, the HiBy FC6 utilizes R2R design for the DAC, producing a sound that is emotional, warm, and wet, with loose naturalness. The Darwin system's FIR filtering and NOS/OS switch are also preserved for maximum flexibility.

NOS Mode:

The HiBy FC6's NOS mode is non-oversampling, providing an immediate and direct response to signals by converting digital signals directly to analog output, resulting in a more analog sound signature. This mode is particularly suitable for music files/streams of 192kHz sample rate or above.

OS Mode:

The HiBy FC6's oversampling mode easily removes aliasing artifacts through the combination of oversampling and ultrasonic lowpass filter, HDR, and NOS/OS mode switch, resulting in superior measured performance. This mode enables all functions of the Darwin architecture, allowing for personalized adjustments of sound signature to adapt to different earphones.

MQA 8X Unfolding:

The HiBy FC6 portable DAC& supports 8x MQA unfolding, providing master-tape quality audio reconstitution that delivers a take-you-to-the-concert/studio experience. This feature ensures that the HiBy FC6 provides music reproduction on par with master tapes and live venues.

Darwin FIR Filter & Darwin-HDR:

The HiBy FC6 achieves up to 16x oversampling with numerous custom filters available to suit different music styles, utilizing advanced algorithms exclusively applicable to the Darwin architecture. This feature improves dynamic range and enriches the retrieval of detail, attaining new levels of musicality.

FPGA Reclocking:

The HiBy FC6 headphone dongle is equipped with dual independent high-precision clocking, featuring dual crystal oscillators at 45.158MHz and 49.152MHz, for accurate clocking of 44.1x and 48x kHz music sources alike, resulting in vanishingly low jitter.

Dual OPA1622 + Hi-Res Audio Support:

The HiBy FC6 portable headphone DAC features a discrete headphone stage with dual OPA1622, providing a headphone stage on par with high-end DAPs. With 2 flagship-class OPA1622 headphone amp chips and 4-way independent current-mode amplification, the HiBy FC6 delivers an exceptional audio experience. HiBy FC6 dongle natively supports DSD up to DSD512 and PCM up to 32bit/768kHz, on par with HiFi home audio components, as well as all streaming music sources.

All-Platform Support, Plug-and-Play:

The HiBy FC6 headphone DAC is designed for all-platform support, including smartphone audio dongles and computer soundcards, and requires no charging. It is USB-powered in real-time, allowing for seamless plug-and-play functionality.